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North Shore Mama

What is healthy living? To me, this concept has always been very difficult to define, before we can even begin to follow it. Especially as a woman, with so many roles in life, it seemed impossible to “do it all” while also living a “healthy lifestyle.” I love the saying one of my mentors told me: “You can do it all, but not all at the same time.” This mantra reminds me that I don’t have to be that impossible superwoman figure; but even still, it has not been easy to find balance in life.

Self Care for Superwomen

I’ve found every decade of life so far to be quite a journey of up and downs. My twenties were about change and decision-making, and my only stress outlet was running, playing hockey, skiing and enjoying my relationships. Over the next decade, having two children and juggling a work-life balance started to wear me down. I realized that it is impossible to wear so many hats and be in charge of so many things – and still have time for self-care. My physical and mental health started deteriorating, with increased anxiety, lower back pain, and a strain in my marital life...

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