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I Care As a Mother Episode 4

I Care As A Mother is episode four in our new video and podcast series, As A Mother. It features Dr. Maryam Zeineddin, a family doctor and the founder of Zili CARE, a non-profit platform that offers preventative resources for women to improve their health in mind, body and soul. Maryam’s story is the fourth in a collection of eight documentary-style short films. Each film features a local mom and their impact on our community. Maryam’s story touches on the pressure many women feel to hyper achieve. It emphasizes the toll that societal pressures place on mothers and the impact this has on their mental health. Maryam shares the challenges family doctors currently face with patient load and quality care. She draws attention to the current disparity in general family practice when providing tools to improve mental health. On Motherhood with Maryam from Zili CARE

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from motherhood? That my children are my greatest teachers. And that, I’m here as a guiding voice for my children to find their own journeys. Their successes and failures in life are theirs, not mine. 🙏🏻

What is your legacy? My legacy is still to be determined in the journey of life. With the wisdom to bring self-compassion in order to bring a safe space, compassion, and healing to others.

What are the ways you take care of yourself while caring for so many others? I try to have access to my being rather than always in thought, by practicing what I preach with the CARE Formula. A daily space for C-calming the mind, A-activating my mind, R-reinforcing my body and E-engaging my soul so that I can be mentally and physically present, more or less. I seek to create micro-moments of happiness with bouts of freedom to myself 🙏🏻

Final Thoughts I Care As A Mother follows one mother’s drive to provide every woman with the tools they need to support their mental health, regardless of income and the constraints within the Canadian healthcare system.

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