Zili CARE Program

In order to care for your community, you need to care for yourself first and foremost; and have the self-awareness, insight and compassion to know what that means.

The 6 Week Revive Program is for anyone seeking to address, challenge and transform their overall wellbeing in order to become a better version of themselves. 



This 6 week evidence-driven preventative health program will challenge your understanding of health and transform how you care for yourself in mind, body and soul.

What is the Revive Program?

This program contains evidence-driven tools and behavioural accountability stemming from neurophysiology, psychology and mindfulness with a compassionate inquiry approach to bring all elements of CARE to your mind, body and soul.

Over the 6 week period you can expect the following:

2 VIRTUAL EVENINGS designed for education and community building with original founders of Zili CARE Dr. Z and the new Zili Team. You will mingle, meet and gain wisdom and strength from the community of cohorts taking this 6-week challenge.

  • FIRST EVENING we will discuss the physiology and psychology of burnout, stress and coping mechanisms which don’t serve us and start you off on your journey.

  • SECOND EVENING is the wrap up discussion, reflection and celebration of what is to become a transformational change.

2 Zili CARE HEALTH ASSESSMENTS  one at the beginning and one at the end of the program.

UP TO 3 HOURS OF INDIVIDUALIZED COUNSELLING aimed at understanding your unique situation and how the CARE formula can be best applied for you; with weekly check-ins for accountability with your practitioner, which will include Dr. Z and Zili CARE team. These counselling sessions would assess the wish, outcomes, obstacles and plan needed in order to enhance accountability to your CARE plan with some gentle compassionate inquiry techniques and/or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to assess what is holding you back.

  • Measures of success will show an improved mental health score, overall higher happiness index and better CARE score, which all lead to you a better version of yourself.

  • Long term goal is to assess your lifestyle and self-care changes 6 - 12 weeks after the program and to incrementally create a network of support within the Zili community.



COMMUNITY BUILDING  through facilitated online discussions with all Revive participants (optional) to gain insights into yourself, gain new skills, and become part of a vibrant community focused on supporting each other’s health.


What is the time commitment?

To get the best outcome for your health, you will need to have an open mind, be curious and be kind to yourself. Based on your life and availability, you should expect to spend approximately one hour per week for the 6-week program.

When is the program?

Our current program is in progress from June 8th - July 20th.  But keeping checking back for the upcoming dates for the next program running later this summer or join our waitlist and we will notified you of all the details of the next program.

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Current Program in Progress

June 8th - July 20th

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Spring Revive Program

April 20 - June 1