Zili CARE Story


Zili CARE was born of a personal and professional epiphany that made the Zili CARE team all rethink and question the current societal definition of wellness. 

As the original founder of Zili CARE, and a family doctor of over 2 decades seeing thousands of patients, Dr. Z, was increasingly discouraged from witnessing so many of her own patients with mental and physical illnesses. The health care system was limiting her ability to get to the root of the cause for her patients with very little navigation and insight to gain the true understanding that wellness is an interaction between your mind/body and soul. With the professional limitation of our current healthcare system with lack of resources, and personal struggles of burnout and anxiety, she founded a not for profit platform Zili CARE in 2017; A Preventative health platform that will inform and assist women in navigating the medical system to their own specific health care advantages with yearly conferences with tools, insights and a sense of community. It was a local success story and after three years with increasing community support, engagement with various corporate sponsorships and media support, Zili CARE needed to find a way to become sustainable. 

In 2020, when the pandemic began with a surge in mental health and societal pressures on females in particular, a team of three women from diverse backgrounds came together to create the Zili CARE Ltd company. These women were joined together through their own challenging journeys in and outside the health care system, and their collective understanding that wellness and resiliency needed to be redefined. The dynamic trio were Maryam Zeineddin (Dr. Z), Siggy Schleicher and Ann-Margaret Tait, who all had gone through the journey of  transforming their own lives with Zili CARE. 

Ann-Margaret left a high-powered position as a chief information officer through a journey of self care and transformation to becoming a clinical counsellor and strategic officer for Zili CARE. After experiencing her own physical challenges from burnout, Siggy’s journey led her from the corporate sales world on a quest to find a deeper connection with body, mind, and soul. She is now Zili CARE’s Chief Marketing Officer. Maryam, also known as Dr. Z, realized that her expertise in counselling, medical knowledge, leadership and influence with phenomenal women like Siggy and Ann-Margaret, the voice of the new generation of women can lead Zili CARE to put the true meaning of health and self care at the forefront of all Canadians. 

These women are CBC health contributors, mothers, daughters and previous leaders of large corporations, and this combination makes their voice and vision unique for the new generation of women needing tools, insights and a sense of community on how to care for their wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally in order to thrive so that they can give back to their communities locally, nationally and globally. The vision of Zili CARE is to bring care to anyone regardless of the social determinants of health. Zili CARE became a company in order to sustain the non-profit component with a social cause of giving access to free counselling, tools, insights and a sense of community to those who simply cannot afford it or don't have access to care. 


This company is made for social justice, social causes and the ability to bring equity to preventative care. It’s time we redefine health as we know it, and take ownership of our own care. 



Maryam Zeineddin, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Siggy Schleicher

Ann-Margaret Tait


Zili CARE Philosophy


We believe that for anyone to lead full, valued, healthy lives they must be equipped to own their own health. Zili CARE seeks to empower them, through insights, tools and community, to make their own preventative healthcare decisions in mind, body and soul.

Zili CARE seeks to serve, host and guide the voice of a unique, engaged and concerned community who are awakening to, and wish to be a part of, a rapidly evolving need for self-care.

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Zili CARE Formula 

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Calming the mind


Reinforcing the body


Activating the body


Engaging the soul