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Zili CARE Formula

Zili CARE Formula
Calming Zili CARE Formula.png

C - CALM the mind

Practicing a formal/informal Meditation for 5-10 minutes daily.


Formal meditation is setting an intention to fully relax, get the outside stimuli to fade in the background and focus on your breath and sensations with the help of guided or non-guided meditation practice. Informal meditation is to be present and doing a particular task throughout your daily life mindfully by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

Activate-Zili CARE Formula.png

A - ACTIVATE the body

Practicing a form of Physical exercise for minimum 20 minutes daily.


Physical exercise can be any form of activity that can increase your heart rate over 100 beat/minute, where you can maintain your heartrate in the range of 100-160 beats/minutes. This can include fast walk, jogging, biking, running, dance, cardio class, swimming, hiking etc. 

Reinforcing-Zili CARE Formula.png

R - REINFORCE the body

Practice minimum two elements below daily and you have achieved the R in CARE.


Elements that reinforce your body:  Diet, Sleep, Hydration, Medications and Vitamins, Health Screening, Rehabilitation, and Counselling 

Engaging-Zili CARE Formula.png

E - ENGAGE the soul

Practice feeding your soul on a daily basis minimum 10 minutes daily. 


  • Daily social connection with someone you already know or don’t know, for a short or extended period of time. 

  • Practice a gratitude practice daily by writing or stating three things you are grateful for.

  • Daily practice of doing something for yourself or someone else that you truly enjoy and that is not seen as an obligation.

Components of
R-reinforcing the  Body 

Reinforcing-Zili CARE Formula


Focus on a balanced, mainly plant based or Mediterranean diet daily. Find out more about what is a plant based diet and which plant based diet for you.



Practice Sleep Hygiene Daily. Discover tips to improve your sleep.


Vitamins + Medications

Create a daily routine if you are taking medications or certain vitamins recommended by your health care provider. Learn how to organize your medications.



Focus on keeping your body hydrated and clues on when you are dehydrated and preventing signs. Learn about hydration and why it is so important.


Health Screening

Speak to your health care provider regarding what preventative health screenings are needed for you based on your: age, family history and past and current medical history.

Keep track on your immunizations and health screening measures done including your pap smear, blood tests, mammogram, bone density, colon cancer screening etc.


Rehabilitation + Counselling

Attend to the needs of your physical and mental health with rehabilitation and counselling sessions recommended by your health care provider.

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