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Dr. Maryam Zeineddin, Zili CARE Speaker, has been educating, motivating and initiating change in media, print and public events such as Global, CBC, WNorth, Telus Talks, PowHERhouse, Whole Human Summit and many more. Through her speaking in the media and informative sessions, Dr. Z seeks to empower the community with tools and insight of owning our own health and by sharing the framework of the Zili CARE Formula which employs us to Calm the Mind, Activate the Body, Reinforcing the Body, and Engaging the Soul.

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Speaking Topics

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Zili CARE Speaking topics available for your next event include:

  • How do we Recalibrate and Redefine Resilience?

  • Moving Forward – from Surviving to Thriving

  • Being aware of our Coping Mechanisms which no longer serves us

  • Making a Change: Big or Small for your Mind/Body/Soul

  • Impacts of Sympathetic Nervous System overdrive on your physical and mental health

  • The difference between Equity and Equality in our current health care system

  • Transforming healthcare through prevention and owning your health

  • Self-awareness and Mindfulness; how will that even serve me?

  • Role as Woman and how it impacts our Health

  • Hot Topic: Customized to Your audience

"It was fantastic working with Dr. Z and her team to engineer and facilitate a workshop for our team on “Moving Forward – from Surviving to Thriving”.  As we emerge from the pandemic and our teams are more overwhelmed than ever, Dr. Z’s approach has provided us with a framework for coping with evolving pressures of our dynamic work and personal lives.  Dr. Z really connected with our team, and has left lasting impact – thank you for providing energy and thought provoking discussion."

-  Alikie Knight, Director, Venue Operations

   Vancouver Convention Centre

Dr. Z Speaking


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