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Revive Program

The Revive Program is for anyone seeking to address, challenge and transform their overall wellbeing in order to become a better version of themselves. 

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" In order to care for your community, you need to care for yourself first and foremost; and have the self-awareness, insight and compassion to know what that means. "


-  Dr. Z

Revive Program Introduction

Watch the introductory video as Dr. Z explains why we all can benefit from the Revive Program and how we can care for our community by caring for ourselves first.


The Revive Program

is a preventative health program that will challenge your understanding of health and transform how you care for yourself.

This online six week program contains evidence-driven tools and behavioural accountability stemming from neurophysiology, psychology and mindfulness with a compassionate inquiry approach to bring all elements of CARE to your mind, body and soul.