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Zili CARE Counselling

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Using the Zili CARE formula and techniques learned from 20 years in family practice, a year of compassionate inquiry (CI) course with Dr Gabor Mate, Dr. Z seeks to empower people, through coaching with insights, tools and CI centered self awareness and inquiry to make your  own  healthcare decisions in mind, body and soul.

" In order to care for your community, you need to care for yourself first and foremost; and have the self-awareness, insight and compassion to know what that means. "


-  Dr. Z

Zili CARE counselling is about creating and committing to a tangible plan for your individualized self CARE Formula. It’s a way of caring for your mind, body and soul with self-awareness and compassion. This approach will not only give you insights but will give you tools and hold space for you to construct your self CARE Formula so that you can stay accountable to living a life with mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with strength.

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What is Zili CARE Counselling?

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Why Zili CARE Counselling?

Dr. Z’s almost 20 years of practicing and teaching family medicine with a special interest in preventative health, mental health and lifestyle counselling, combined with the compassionate counselling approach of her mentor Dr. Gabor Mate, makes this particular counselling richly and atypically multi-disciplinary.  Read more about Dr. Z.

Please note: Zili CARE counselling is a private fee service not covered by Medical Services Plan (MSP) in British Columbia.


Zili CARE Counselling

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