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Zili CARE Corporate Program 

Zili CARE Formula Engage

The Zili CARE Program uses evidence based assessments, behavioural accountability models and Zili CARE's proprietary CARE Formula to improve your preventative health practices incorporating your optimal mental and physical well-being. In order to become a productive, communicative and problem solving team player you need to gain self awareness and understanding of what elements of care are needed for optimal well-being. At Zili CARE we believe - You can't care for your organization and team if you don't know how to care for yourself.

course details

What to expect from the program

The measurable outcome for this program is to gain insights and skills for optimal professional and personal health so that you can lead and be part of a revolutionized understanding of what well-being means to you and your team.

Resiliency Workshop 
(Optional if with group)

The Zili CARE Workplace Resiliency Program starts with a MD driven workshop given by founder of Zili CARE Dr. Z. Discussing physiology of stress and impacts on mental and physical health and how to redefine resiliency as we know it! 

Tracking the Journey

Two Zili CARE ASSESSMENTS by Dr. Z are completed and evaluated at the beginning and end of the program.

Individualized Counselling

Three personalized online counselling sessions throughout the program (30 minutes per session) aimed at understanding your unique situation, coping mechanisms not serving you and how the CARE Formula can be best applied for you.

Coaching Summaries

Personalized executive coaching summaries from each individualized session for your own use with confidentiality (your proprietary document).

Weekly Content

Coaching materials including Informational tools, insights and educational video sessions delivered weekly online.

Closing Meeting


End of program online meeting with Dr. Zeineddin to continue behavioural accountability post program.

Zili CARE Workplace Resiliency Program
Zili CARE Workplace Resiliency Program
Zili CARE Workplace Resiliency Program
Zili CARE Workplace Resiliency Program
Zili CARE Workplace Resiliency Program

formula fundamentals

What you'll learn

Zili CARE Formula

what works for you

What is the time commitment?

To get the best outcome for your health we recommend spending an average of ONE HOUR PER WEEK over the six week program to attend online counselling and education sessions and review coaching materials. You will gain as much from this program as you are willing to put in.

We can discuss individualized timing for you and/or your organization to go through the program.

Individualized program starts at $995

Group Packages: range from $2000-15000 include presentation by Dr Zeineddin

specific to your needs

Pricing Selection

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