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DrZ is Nominated for the 2024 YWCA Women Distinction Awards

Thank you fellow Zili Community and patient's of DrZ for nominating her for this prestigious award in the category of Health and Wellness.

Maryam is Founder of Zili CARE, a not-for-profit platform established in 2017 that empowers women to navigate the medical system offering evidence-based tools to transform our approach to mental, physical, and emotional health. Dr. Zeineddin played a pivotal role in negotiating a groundbreaking Longitudinal Family Physician Payment Model, adopted by 70% of BC Family Physicians, revitalizing family practice and improving patient care. As co-founder of Ambleside Medical Centre, she leads a team of eight physicians, caring for over 10,000 patients, while actively mentoring students. She contributed to the establishment of the Coastal Family Practice Residency program and is also President-elect of BC Family Doctors. As a regular commentator on CBC, Maryam advocates for healthier lives and communities, addressing resiliency, mental health, and gender equity.

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